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        PAMELA EVANS 145 Tahquitz Canyon?Palm Springs, California92262?760-555-1212

        PROFILE Award-winning, multilingual Business Student with extensive professional and entrepreneurial experience.

        Awarded 2001 Student Leader for exemplar, service in student government.

        Received 2001 Service Award for outstanding contributions to campus activities.

        Fluency in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Technically proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; programming in Visual Basic and HTML; Web design.

        EXPERIENCE TRANSLATOR, Orange County, California Private Contractor …… 4/00- Present

        Team with two secretarial assistants to provide conversation-based translation and mediation services to non-English speaking business owners and employees.


        Awarded Hispanic Business Community recognition for assisting immigrants. \

        RRMXV, LLC. Santa Ana, California Foreign Currency Trade, Intern …… 12/01 - 2/02

        Handled $50,000+ monthly m trades and investment, specializing in Euros, Dollars, and Yen transactions; investigated trends and issued market reports.


        Increased profitability by exploiting Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate fluctuations. \

        CHILDREN'S LEARNING CENTER, Fullerton, California Founder/Business Manager …… 6/00-8/01

        Established and operated an educational institution with a start of 20.


        Built revenues through direct student recruitment and cooperative local network.

        PREMIER LEARNING ACADEMY, Irvine, California Assistant Business Manager/Spanish Tutor …… 12/99 - 3/00

        Aided management and coached students for educational preparation institute.


        Boosted student enrollment; won Employee of the Month Award.

        SEDA Y FIBRAS, S.R.L, Hernandarias, Alto Parana, Paraguay Assistant Business Translator …… 2/97 - 12/98

        Conducted English - Spanish-Portuguese translations of business document and person-to-person conversations for global textile exporter

        EDUCATION & ACTIVITIES CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE, lrvine, California Business Administration Major, 2000 - Present

        4.00GPA, President's List, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Phi Alpha Mu, Mu Alpha Theta.

        2001 Associated Board of Trustees Member.

        Student Representative to Academic Senate, Spring 2001.

        Student Representative to Transfer Advisory Board, Spring 2001.

        Student Advisor to Business Club, Fall 2001.

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      科目名稱 主講老師 課時 免費試聽 優惠價 購買課程
      英語零起點 郭俊霞 30課時 試聽 150元/門 購買
      綜藝樂園 ------ 15課時 試聽 100元/門 購買
      邊玩邊學 ------ 10課時 試聽 60元/門 購買
      情景喜劇 ------ 15課時 試聽 100元/門 購買
      歡樂課堂 ------ 35課時 試聽 150元/門 購買
      趣味英語速成 鐘 平 18課時 試聽 179元/門 購買
      劍橋少兒英語預備級 (Pre-Starters) ------ ------ 試聽 200元/門 購買
      劍橋少兒英語一級 (Starters) ------ ------ 試聽 200元/門 購買
      劍橋少兒英語二級 (Movers) ------ ------ 試聽 200元/門 購買
      劍橋少兒英語三級 (Flyers) ------ ------ 試聽 200元/門 購買
      初級英語口語 ------ 55課時 ------ 350元/門 購買
      中級英語口語 ------ 83課時 ------ 350元/門 購買
      高級英語口語 ------ 122課時 ------ 350元/門 購買
      郭俊霞 北京語言大學畢業,國內某知名中學英語教研組長,教學標兵……詳情>>
      鐘平 北大才俊,英語輔導專家,累計從事英語教學八年,機械化翻譯公式發明人……詳情>>

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